I’m back . . . more blogging to come . . .

Hehehehe! Had a wonderful weekend with family (my sis lives about 4 hours away) and am just trying to get back into the swing of things. As a side note, my sister and I each have a birthday in November (along with my youngest daughter) so we usually celebrate it together at Thanksgiving time. This year, she surprised me. A few weeks ago, while we were discussing my oldest daughters birthday, she asked me whether I preferred anticipation or surprises. I answered that I think anticipation is half the fun. I never thought about the conversation again – and this weekend she gave me both. She’s planned a weekend for the two of us to celebrate our birthdays together – in NYC! We’ll be staying in the heart of Manhattan and going to see Fiddler on the Roof (I did a little theater production of Fiddler 20+ years ago). I’ve never been to NY, but am soooo looking forward to it! At any rate, I get the best of both worlds – a total surprise this weekend, and now I have a month to anticipate the trip.

Meantime, I still have the realm of the mundane to deal with to keep me grounded . . . dentist appointment for #1 daughter and myself this morning, and editing some of my photography from the last couple weekends before I can get back to the business of “real” blogging. Just wanted to say “I’ll be back”.

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