About Left Brain Female

Wife, Mother, Political “Junkie”, Educator, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Business Facilitator, Photographer . . . Not necessarily in that order!

I’m Kay (known to some of you as Left Brain Female), a 50-something who loves her life, family, and freedom. In my work life before children, I was a secretary, sales representative, catering manager, reservations manager, typographer & editor. In my personal life before children, I was a student pilot, amateur actress, genealogist and bookworm. My widely varied background translated fairly well to being a stay-at-home mom. I no longer fly (never did get my pilots license – I was young and it became cost prohibitive – but I did solo a few times). I’m no longer involved in little theater (although that could change one day), I still love genealogy and have traced my family history back to the 1500’s in early America. I don’t read as much as I used to read, and I generally prefer great literature to bubble-gum non-nutritional junk food for the mind, and I’ve been mostly successful in instilling that preference in my daughters.

My hubby, Tony (aka SurfinDaddy) is a 60-something who enjoys surfing (having grown up about two blocks from the beach) and when our girls were small we spent a lot of time at the beach – girls playing in the sand and surf, with me taking lots of pictures. Tony is very laid-back and has patiently listened to me over the years as I’ve ranted over political issues that irritate me – and in the process has become a great sounding board as well. He often helps to congeal my thoughts into something a bit more cohesive – and encourages me to put them in writing.

I became a real computer geek after I quit my job when our youngest was born – I’ve built and maintained several computers and played around with a number of websites. I really got inspired after 9/11 and the Iraq War began to try to see if there were anything I could do to make a difference. So I ran a website for quite a while called Bloggers4Freedom where I posted articles from our soldiers during the war, and it certainly helped with my mental attitude – just the act of “doing something” was cathartic for me.

In the years since this blog has been in hiatus (since 2012) I became a freelancer to some small businesses, working remotely – and it has been overall a really great situation for me. I’m pretty good at facilitating things so that trains run on time and deadlines get met. Fun, but time consuming – so while I really enjoy writing, I may not be able to post as often as I’d like.

While I am daughter of a minister, you won’t hear a lot from me on the subject of Christianity. For one thing, it was (and is) ingrained in me that talk is cheap – and actions speak louder than words. Words are powerful – but only if they’re directed at someone who is interested in hearing what you have to say – and as most people are not looking to be “converted” to anyone’s way of thinking, my personal credo is that in the public forum, God doesn’t need me to open my mouth to anyone – He just expects me to conduct my behavior in such a way that others will see and glorify Him. And believe you me, when I don’t, I suffer the pangs of my own transgressions. And, politically, there are a number of so-called Christian “hot-buttons” that I refuse to touch, because, frankly, I don’t believe they have any business in politics. So while I may personally hold strong feelings about the morality of those issues, don’t expect to see me asking the government to legislate on them.

I’m very much on the side of the Sovereign Individual be it Libertarian, Rational Anarchist, or whatever you choose to call it.