A Big TY from Ivanka & Co to the Leftists


So the whole Ivanka Trump clothing line thing has had me really chuckling. I actually owned a couple pieces from her line that I bought months ago before the whole kerfluffle – and they’re lovely, nicely made – business casual tops that are very office appropriate. A touch of class, as it were, in an era where it’s hard at times to find. I bought mine at one of the discount retailers (TJ Maxx or Marshalls, I think).

I knew at the time that the line must not be doing tremendously well, so I wasn’t terribly surprised when some of the large department stores such as Nordstrom announced they would be dropping the line.

What’s really interesting about that, however, is that dropping the clothing line was probably on their schedule way before the leftists uproar and angst came about. So the question is, did these stores decide to try to take advantage of the seemingly poor reception of their leftist customers to appear to be on their side by removing the Ivanka line from their inventory? Probably.

But how well did that really work out for them? The brouhaha merely brought out some of the conservatives very vocally returning or cutting up their credit cards, and then caused a run on Ivanka’s line on Amazon and other places where the line could be found.

Once more, the law of unintended consequences comes along and slaps the lemming left. Not only did you NOT destroy her line, but you helped to curtail sales in brick and mortar stores.

Good job, maroons!

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