In Florida, we Stand Our Ground!

Yeehaw. Thieves, Crooks, Robbers & Rapists, beware! As of tomorrow, we in Florida now have the right to use deadly force in public, whether on the streets, at work, or in our cars – in addition to protecting our home. Just on the outset, sounds a bit Wild West, doesn’t it?

At least, that’s what the MSM would have you believe! And they’re doing a great job promoting their message. More than one of my friends has made comments to me to the effect of “Well, I sure hope this law doesn’t get abused”. As if. I mean, does anyone really believe that just because the law has changed that those of us who own guns and are law abiding are going to suddenly start shooting at anyone who slightly annoys us? If so, then our families might be in trouble!

I hate hearing those types of comments because they just add to the idiocy that is gun control. My family has always had guns. My dad was never a hunter, nor is my husband. They enjoy “plinking” at a target more than anything else, but the primary reason that we own guns is for self-protection. I was taught to handle a .357 when I was about 12. We lived in a rural area, and on the rare occasion that my folks went out for an evening and had to leave me at home, my dad would always leave with the admonishment “you know where your equalizer is”. I never once pulled it out back in my adolescent days as I hadn’t a need for it – but he always reminded me, just in case anything happened to spook me or I had any concerns – I was not without protection.

As an adult, about 16 years ago, I came home to find that someone had broken in to my home while I was at work. It took me a few seconds to register why my answering machine was gone and my bedroom was in disarray. I couldn’t believe how violated I felt. I immediately located my gun which thankfully had not been found, and with it in hand I searched under every bed and closet before I called the sheriff’s department and my fiance (now husband). My fiance (now husband) was first to arrive, and he had to convince me to put my gun away before the deputy arrived, LOL. For years afterward, I kept my gun locked, loaded, and with me.

Now, as an “at home” mom we have our guns put away, but they’re not far out of reach. Again, living in a rural area, I like knowing that they’re there. I’ve never felt the need to pull one out for self-defense, but wouldn’t hesitate for an instant if I felt threatened. It’s about time for us to begin putting our daughters into the target practice rotation. Actually, they have both fired air pistols and bb guns, but never anything larger. That’s not to say they’ve not had any training – they’ve actually been taught a respect for guns since they were tiny tots – they knew that if a rifle was standing in a corner of a room that they were not to touch it. We’ve taught them what guns are for and that they are dangerous in the wrong hands and so they have a healthy respect.

At any rate, I for one am happy about the new law taking effect here tomorrow. Not because I’m trigger happy, but because maybe, just maybe, more of these can be avoided.

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