Cord Cutting & Binge Watching

So many of you may know that we’ve never been huge TV watchers; in 26+ years of married life, we’ve probably only had cable or satellite TV for about five of those years. This was partially due to lack of funds when kiddos were little – couldn’t justify spending the money for a non-necessity, and later when we had satellite, our only reason for it was to gain internet access – our only option other than dial up.

Happily, about two years ago, U-verse internet opened up to us and we cut the cords for good. It’s so nice to be able to just stream what we want to watch – and while there are times one still has to suffer through commercials, they’re not usually quite as obnoxious or as often as on network TV.

The choices are great, too, with Amazon Prime, Netflix & Hulu all offering good options. While I don’t have a lot of time to watch, late in the day when I’m still working but finishing up a particular task that doesn’t require a lot of brain-power, I enjoy binge watching an episode or two of some series or other which helps me to unwind just a bit, I think.

Here are some of my favorites watched over the last year or so:


Downton Abbey – Everyone should know about this period piece – Grandmama played by Dame Maggie Smith is an absolute delight.

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Original) – a dystopian future past – as though the US lost WWII and the East Coast controlled by Hitler and the Reich, and the West Coast by Japan.


11.22.63 (Hulu Original) – What if you could travel back in time to stop a particular event (in this case the Kennedy Assassination) – what would be the outcome and ramifications for today? An interesting thought, but of course one could never truly predict what would happen.


The Paradise – Just finishing this which was only two seasons, but loosely based on the book “The Ladies’ Paradise” by Emile Zola. It may entice me to read the book – as the ending is likely to be unsatisfying, but I’ve enjoyed the series anyway.

Perhaps you’ll notice a theme to my watching, LOL – I really enjoy period-type pieces, they are my favorite type of escapism!

Have you any favorites?

3 thoughts on “Cord Cutting & Binge Watching

  1. The Crown. This is a wonderful show on Netflix about Queen Elizabeth her life and her rain. I have found it to be pretty close to historically accurate

    Call the Midwife. Said in the 50s and based on the memoirs of a midwife in the United Kingdom I think he will love this. I had my doubts initially but it won me over very quickly and I just absolutely adore the show.

    Of course all of these are on PBS as originals and I am not sure what other streaming choices may offer them but they’re all worth watching. For anyone who has cut the cord purchasing a digital antenna from Walmart for approximately 45 to 50 bucks is a wise investment if for only to watch the shows on the public broadcasting stations.

    Home Fires. Aunt Rosa monde from Downton Abbey Place want to lead characters in this. She’s fantastic

    • LOL – I hear ya! And on the antenna – yep, the digital ones we have were super cheap and pull in our locals (which we almost NEVER watch).

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