Secession is Futile . . .

I’m kinda over it with all the posts and links I’m seeing regarding secession.  Sorry folks, but at this stage of the game, secession is not the answer.  Heck, it’s not even the question!
Just because a lot of disgruntled individuals from different states put together petitions calling for secession doesn’t make it an even remotely viable option.  25K signatures?  Really?  Ya think that the general populace would vote for secession even if it made it to the ballot? Not bloody likely.  Each state could put forth a petition with 150K signatures and it doesn’t mean, or accomplish, a darned thing.

I’m not really sure what folks are hoping to accomplish by these petitions – just to let the other half of the US know just how disturbed we are by Obama’s reelection?  I kinda think they know – and frankly, I don’t think that at this point they give a rat’s patoot.

No, there are many much more worthwhile things we can do, however.  Start by watching this video by Bill Whittle – if you’re not familiar with Bill, take a cruise over to my sidebar and go have a read of some of his archived works at Eject!Eject!Eject!  It could be some of the best time you’ll spend this month!

I stand with Bill. The time for recriminations and how did we get where we are is past. Politics is a disgusting business, and we’ll all be ready to tear our hair out by the roots if we don’t look to something a little more positive.

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