Thank Goodness – we’re through the Primaries!

In state after state, the Tea Party candidates have rocked the establishment, and I for one give ‘em a big Yeehaw!
So many highly placed Republicans have come out against many of the TP candidates crying that “they can’t win in the general election” and endorsing career politicians – in other words, business as usual.

I disagree with all the contentions that TP candidates can’t win – the establishment GOP, which includes some that we have respected over the years, can’t seem to divest themselves of the notion that their way is the only way.  Therein lies their problem.  The TP movement IS going to take back the republican party – in most cases, it appears, without their help or permission.  But we will drag them, kicking and screaming, into November.  And if they refuse to help elect our candidates, we’ll know for sure which side they were on from the get-go.  But at this point, I think they’d better put up – or shut up.

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