Do you HAVE Character? Or ARE you a Character?

My Dad always told me that there are two kinds of people . . . those who have character, and those who are characters.

Those who have character live by a distinctly moral code – their behavior is such that no matter their personality, you just KNOW that they would not intentionally harm, malign, nor force themselves or their opinions in any manner upon another individual. A person of character wants only the best for his fellow man, is grieved in his heart when he sees wrongdoing, yet has the wisdom to know that he cannot dictate to others how they should behave. If those outside his sphere of influence are behaving badly, debate or confrontation will not effect a change on their moral code. Having character requires self-control.

A character, on the other hand, may be innocent enough – may cause no harm to his fellow man, but coasts through life getting by however he may. This world is full of characters. They’re the folks who live and let live, but if a questionable opportunity comes their way (whether it be for financial gain, power, domination or whatever) they’re always on the lookout – and may take advantage if the risk/reward ratio doesn’t appear too great.

It takes character to resist the badgering of others. Like him or not, Michael Schiavo has character. Here is a man who has been maligned consistantly for years over his care of his wife Terri. Yet, despite all the harsh and ugly words thrown his way, I have yet to hear or read where he has responded in anger. I can’t say the same for Terri’s family. I’ll leave it at that, and should you dislike it, please – don’t bother to take me to task – I’m not interested in debate, I’m just calling it as I see it. Frankly, with all the negative coverage he’s received from the blogosphere and in the mainstream, it’s amazing to me that he hasn’t been murdered or taken his own life. I see self control in Michael’s character – and that’s a BIG part of having character. In our “if it bleeds it leads” society, I think this story has bled out. And, by the way, I don’t think our government should have been involved with this EVER. For those who think of themselves as Christian, they need to really think about whether their actions really fit what they say they believe. Leave this situation to God to sort out – there is no proof that you can give or statements that you can make for persecuting this man any further.

Now, lets move on to Cindy Sheehan. Cindy Sheehan lost her son, Casey, killed in Iraq on April 4, 2004. There can be no doubt – Ms. Sheehan knows just exactly which buttons to push and which strings to pull in creating the media sensation which is surrounding her right now. And she is using the death of her patriot son to exploit her leftist message to the very fullest. A search on Yahoo (been using Yahoo so long, I never seem to make it to Google) reveals about 50,000 pages with links to interviews, emails, comments, etc. from Cindy Sheehan. At this point, Ms. Sheehan is nothing more than a political pawn of, Michael Moore and the other leftists whose rhetoric she is now embracing. Evidence that this is JUST a media ploy is that her blog runs on the website “Sacramento for Democracy”. (This site, which has been up since June 2004, has only about 6300 links off Yahoo, and, when linked with her name only comes up with 16 links.) Kinda makes you wonder if she’s trying to distance her political stance from that of her “grieving mother” character. What I see here is a woman who is willing to change her character to fit her political views – no matter what her son would have desired. And those in the blogosphere who dare to speak to her hypocrisy do so at their peril.

Let me ask you again – and please, really give it some thought – Do you HAVE CHARACTER? Or ARE YOU a character?

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