So, what exactly is a left brain female?

This is a reference to the cognitive neuroscience concepts which basically classify our brain functions as either left or right brain dominant.

Left brainers tend to be analytical, logical, linear, sequential, rational – while Right brainers tend to be intuitive, creative, spontaneous and reliant on feelings.

Most of us have a balance – if you don’t know for sure which side of your brain is dominant, a printable test and key are available here. While there is quite a bit of controversy about the right brain/left brain theory, my own experience seems to validate it. My husband and I are very different in our responses to situations – and while men generally are more left-brain dominant and women are more right-brain dominant, we’re each an exception to that rule. We’re each fairly balanced, but I come out more on the left-brain side while he tips the scale on the right-brain side.

So, why did I think this was a good name for my blog? Well, to be completely candid, I find that I frequently become annoyed with the politically correct, bleeding (and bleating) heart world that we live in that seems so often to be run by people who live and make decisions according to their feelings and emotions rather than any intelligent rationale.

My distaste for irrationality extends to those on both sides of the political spectrum – I really get frustrated when I see evidence that people are not using their brains!

So, there you have it – my worldview as I see it!

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