And now, a few words from your host!

But seriously . . .

I’ve tried this before and come to the conclusion that I’m A) too busy and preoccupied to blog about my little life here on this earth, and B) my life in and of itself holds no interest for those beyond my immediate family, LOL.

I do, however, have a lot of thoughts that buzz around in my brain, and I spend a good deal of time each week catching up on current events by surfing the web. So, here goes my attempt to reach out to the blogosphere – but this time, I’ve realized something. While it isn’t profound, it’s a basic truth about blogging. Most bloggers blog their thoughts on other bloggers blogs. This, I can do! So, here’s LBF (Left Brain Female’s) best of the blogs for the week!

First, from 365 And A Wake Up a beautifully written bit of prose on the frustration of unrealized ambition. His final thought follows, but to really “get it”, you’ve gotta read the rest of the post.

When we leave this careworn outpost I imagine more then a few hearts will carry shimmering veins of gold. I know mine will. But that won�t necessarily be a bad thing. It just means we will be unique. And beautiful.

Check out another of my favorite writers Michelle Malkin, whose new book Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild will be coming out in October!

You should also check out Sgt. Christopher Missick’s Web of Support to see where he is on his Tour of the US to thank his supporters! Yours truly was honored to have Sgt. Missick, SPC Ryan Albaugh, and Kyle Rodgers visit my family and share a meal with us – it was truly a wonderful evening, and a memory that I shall treasure for the rest of my life.

Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? (Talking to myself to keep self psyched ’til this becomes a habit, LOL).

Alrighty then, LBF is off to dreamland! Good night to the pajamahadeen everywhere . . .

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