It’s Mourning in America.

Time is fleeting, thankfully, although the last four years have seemed interminably long.  Four years ago, I sat in a NYC hotel watching returns with my sister, and we went to bed knowing that Americans had chosen as their president a man that we knew,in our heart of hearts, was destined to change our beloved country – and not for the better.

We’ve watched as our economy has gone from bad to worse, our incomes have been reduced.  My husband just got his first pay increase in four years – and it amounts to about $30 per month. Insurance hikes taking effect after the first of the year, even that will disappear.

In the last several years, I’ve been busy with other things (life) having taken on a full time job since moving my previously homeschooled daughters to public school; they’re now in 11th and 12th grades – and doing well.

It has been at least six years since I’ve blogged anything like regularly – and I can’t say for certain that I’m ready to bring LBF out of mothballs – but I can say one thing with absolute certainty.  After last night, it’s mourning in America.

Sadness colors our worldview this morning.  To many, for reasons too hard for half of us to fathom, there is joy this morning.  Why should there be joy?  Higher fuel costs?  Higher grocery prices?   Fewer jobs?  Small businesses shuttering?  The promise of “free” healthcare and it’s associated higher costs with fewer providers?  What exactly is there to be joyful over? Ah, but to those who consider the penultimate candidate research to be what comes from the mouth of the CNN anchor du jour or those “paid political advertisements” there is, for the moment, joy.  Enjoy it, my friends.

This President stifled again and again any chances for goodwill from his first month in office in 2009 (”I won“) to his abysmal lies covering Benghazi.  And let’s not forget his pet healthcare initiative, “Obamacare“.

Today, yes, I am with millions of other Americans (roughly half the voting public), in mourning.   I mourn the loss of so many of our constitutional rights being set aside by a man who believes that he may govern by Executive Order, choose “Czars” to run his programs as they are not subject to the Appointments Clause of the federal constitution as Cabinet members are.  By so doing, the President can evade oversight by Congress – and this gives him the ability to exert “executive privilege” in the face of a FOIA or even a subpoena – which explains why “Fast and Furious” has never gotten the traction or attention it should have received.

What I’ve posted here, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. As a patriotic mamma who loves God, family, and country, I’m pulling out my big wooden spoon.  If I hear any crying or whining coming from those of you who invited this power-hungry despot back for another four years, I’m gonna open up a big swat of “We told you so” all over your sorry butts.  Hopefully, by the time you finally “get” why this was such a critical election, we’ll have a chance to take the country back.  But don’t count on it – we’re headed down a very slippery slope – and dictatorship could be much closer that you ever could imagine.

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