Time to shake out the mothballs!

I’ve been debating with myself for weeks now – after months and months of frustrations, I just couldn’t seem to get to the point that I felt ready to commit to writing again. But with the way things are going, I think if ever there was a time when *I* need an outlet, this would be it!

I’ve left this blog up for several years now, and personally a few things have changed. I no longer homeschool my daughters – but I’m still certainly an advocate of homeschooling. Homeschooling gave me the time to work with my daughters and give them the firm foundation of character that has always been more important to me than a straight A report card. For those who are interested, yes, they adapted very well going into 7th & 8th grades, now in 8th & 9th, and while I frequently miss having them at home, and often spend as much time each week teaching as I did when we homeschooled, for us, this was the right decision.

Another change is that I am no longer a part of The Liberty Papers. I really enjoyed being a part of a group blog back when that was first formed, but after the original founder, Eric, had to leave, it seemed their focus shifted – and the entire tenor of the blog changed. Despite checking back periodically over the last 3 years, it seems that they have relegated themselves strictly to a big “L” libertarian viewpoint, and many hot topics that we would once have jumped all over were left unremarked upon and relegated to being completely ignored.
And now to get to the point of this post – and why I feel so compelled to help this blog rise from the ashes . . .

This country is at an absolute crossroads. Never in my life, nor indeed in the life of my parents or grandparents, have we ever been in such a precarious situation with regard to our Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness.

This morning, while helping my high schooler study her history, I found this quote in her McDougal Littell World History book – in the Chapter on “Classical Greece” under the heading “Tyrants Seize Power”.

“Unlike today, tyrants generally were not considered harsh and cruel. Rather, they were looked upon as leaders who would work for the interests of the ordinary people. Once in power, for example, tyrants often set up building programs to provide jobs and housing for their supporters.”

How’s that for rewriting history? And at the same time, who can not see that by that very explanation, the abomination in the white house is a tyrant!

To slightly paraphrase Shakespeare, “Friends, and countrymen, lend me your ears!” At this point, there are so many different groups that are assembling to work toward defending our nation and our constitution (which is, arguably at this point almost unrecognizable) that I feel a few words need to be spoken to ALL.

It is important for us all to remember, that whether we are part of Freedom Works, Resist Net, The 912 Project, M.O.M. for America, As A Mom, Team Sarah, Smart Girl Politics, etc. that we are all, in the big picture, working toward the same goal. If you have the time to keep up with them, by all means, join one or more active groups, but few of us really have that kind of time.
Simply joining several groups is not really helping any one cause. It’s really just preaching to the choir. If you have that much free time, choose a group that appeals to you, and stick to ‘em like glue! Do everything you can to help them to reach their goals. Don’t waste time trying to denigrate the work being done by others – because when you do, you’re part of the problem – and NONE of us will be successful!

It is absolutely imperative that we all support each other – not try to tear each other down. If one group chooses to march on Washington a particular month and another does not – that’s okay! Our country is filled with MILLIONS of people. If you’re a conservative Christian reading this, you need to realize that there are some atheists and agnostics out there who are just as dismayed as you are by what is being done by the current administration. Recognize that you need to reach out to some who may not share all your values and beliefs. If you can remember to let your light shine without trying to convert every soul you meet, you might find yourself more successful at rallying support.

If you’re a little more left of center and reading this, recognize that if you’re opposed to the socialization of this country, of necessity you may find yourself surrounded by some fairly staunch conservatives. You might just have to swallow some of those retorts that spring to your lips if you happen to be atheist or agnostic! If you want to work for the greater good, then really strive to NOT take offense.

If you’re a member of any group, and you can’t figure out what to do, or how you can be of help, look to your leadership. Pass out fliers or pamphlets whenever you’re in town. Wear your tea party shirts. Contact your radio stations. Speak up when the opportunity arises – but do it in a respectful manner. Write or call your congressmen and women.
Remember, above all, that a house divided against itself cannot stand. If we sow the seeds of divisiveness among other groups that are working alongside us with a common goal, then we are no better than astroturf – because the weeds will grow up and choke out all the good grass.

A final word. As we studied her history this morning, one of my daughter’s vocabulary words was phalanx. It’s no longer much used, of course, but I want to leave you with this image in your mind. A phalanx was a fighting formation of foot soldiers who stood shoulder to shoulder, each holding a spear in one hand, and a shield in the other. Together they formed a formidable foe. Let us all stick together, and form a phalanx that we can not be torn apart.

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