The Vaccination Question

This one is a touchy subject. I just ran across a very well outlined article full of interesting links to share:

Do We Need A Vaccine for Hubris?

And, yes, indeed, I think we do.

Definition of hubris: exaggerated pride or self-confidence

Of particular interest are the links to high numbers of vaccinations given in the first year of life and correlations to Infant Mortality Rate (IMR). Note that the original article was updated to try to besmirch the writers’ reputations by listing them as being affiliated with anti-vaxx organizations, however that does not negate the research. It does show the bias of those who provided that update, however.

Follow the ideology. Those who would try to make you feel guilty over something that should be your decision, as a parent, may very well have something to gain; be it holding on to their reputation or status, or simply the misguided belief that you are too ignorant to do your own research and homework on behalf of your children.

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